Sootheaway Drug Free Device for Migraine Pain Relief Launched

January 6, 2010

SootheAway Migraine Device
Innovative Medical Equipment, LLC. (IME) today announced the full U.S. market release of SOOTHEAWAY – a new, thermo-electrically heated and cooled therapy device that helps relieve migraine, tension or stress headache pain in the forehead, temples, occipital and ocular / sinus regions.

The compact SOOTHEAWAY device administers therapy at the optimal temperature for pain relief. SOOTHEAWAY works by continuously circulating water through a therapeutic pad that has been engineered to target specific pain areas. With the variety of therapeutic pads offered, relief is immediately delivered directly to the area of pain, swelling, bruising or discomfort, and the temperature remains consistent throughout the treatment. In addition to the migraine trigger points, the SOOTHEAWAY pain relief pads target additional pain sites like the back, shoulder, neck, knee, abdomen, etc. – making the device extremely useful for a wide variety of injuries and ailments where heat and ice are typically used.

SOOTHEAWAY was developed, in conjunction with University Hospitals Case Medical Center, by Bahman Guyuron, MD, and IME’s team of medical device engineers. Dr. Guyuron serves as Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at University Hospitals Case Medical Center and at Case Western Reserve University and has received international recognition for his work on a migraine-ending surgery. “A wide variety of prescription medications, Botox injections, and even surgery are all available options for migraineurs. But for patients who either want to buy time until medications take affect, or who are not candidates for, or chose not to pursue these remedies, SOOTHEAWAY provides a low-risk, low-complexity headache treatment solution that works,” says Dr. Guyuron. “The efficacy of heating and cooling therapy in alleviating pain has been recognized for years within the medical community and amongst patients.”

According to the American Headache Society, there are 36 millions Americans, or about 12% of the population, who suffer from migraine headaches. This means one of every four households in America has a member who may benefit from this migraine treatment device. “We are not claiming to be a cure for migraine or headache pain,” says IME’s President, Brad Pulver. “Our goal with the SOOTHEAWAY device is to reduce the intensity of the pain associated with these debilitating episodes and, in many cases, abort the headache shortly after its onset. It is our belief, and early product users enthusiastically agree, that SOOTHEAWAY does this through a method that is more convenient, consistent, targeted, effective, and with less mess than most traditional remedies.”
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