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    Energy Drinks Are Risky for Kids

    Anxiety, hypertension, elevated heart rates, interrupted sleep patterns and headaches are just some of the side effects commonly associated with energy drinks, and those problems are more pronounced in children, according to a recent University of Miami...

    • Posted November 18, 2014
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    Energy Drink Consumption Linked to Prescription Stimulant Abuse

    If you’re in search of a way to get your caffeine fix, it’s smart to pass on the energy drinks. Energy drink consumption has been linked to headaches, insomnia, an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes, and...

    • Posted April 7, 2014
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  • Alcohol and Energy Drinks Dangerous Mix: Affects Perception of Impairment

    Sugary, caffeinated drinks are risky to mix with alcohol, researchers say, and evidence is stacking up. New research shows that combining alcohol and energy drinks alters the perception of impairment in consumers, which may lead to more...

    • Posted April 18, 2011
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  • Energy Drinks Harmful to Health

    The caffeine levels of energy drinks, and the tendency to mix them with alcohol represent a major health problem, doctors say. Health researchers are encouraging people to more aware of the risks of consuming this type of...

    • Posted January 26, 2011
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  • Energy Drinks May Be Contributing to the Obesity Epidemic

    Popular energy drinks promise better athletic performance and weight loss, but do the claims hold up? Not always, say researchers at Nova Southeastern University in Florida. “Energy drinks typically feature caffeine and a combination of other ingredients,...

    • Posted August 17, 2010
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  • Caffeinated Energy Drinks May Present Health Risks

    Johns Hopkins scientists who have spent decades researching the effects of caffeine report that a slew of caffeinated energy drinks now on the market should carry prominent labels that note caffeine doses and warn of potential health...

    • Posted September 24, 2008
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