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  • Stroke Patients Quickly Given Clot-Busting Drugs Have Better Outcomes

    Quick delivery of drugs to break down blood clots is key to improved outcomes, a new study suggests. Researchers following thousands of stroke patients have found that immediate treatment is linked to better long-term recovery, and the...

    • Posted June 21, 2013
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  • Coordinating Stroke Care in a Region Reduces Mortality

    Organizing stroke care across a health region can lead to significant improvements for patients, a new study has found. After implementing a coordinated care system, the number of deaths from stroke has decreased, and patients have improved...

    • Posted May 27, 2013
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  • Strokes Affecting Younger and Younger People

    The age at which people tend to suffer their first stroke is decreasing, according to a recent study. Researchers suspect that an increase in metabolic diseases such as obesity are linked to the trend. New research reveals...

    • Posted October 16, 2012
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  • Smoking After Stroke Strongly Increases Risk of Death

    Smoking is known to increase the risk of a stroke, and a new study shows it also significantly increases the risk of death after stroke. Researchers have found that patients that smoke after suffering a stroke have...

    • Posted August 31, 2012
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  • New Clot-Busting Tools More Effective for Stroke Treatment

    New tools for removing blood clots from patients after a stroke are a significant improvement over their predecessors, a newly published study has found. The new device, called the Trevo Retriver, restored blood flow more quickly, which...

    • Posted August 29, 2012
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  • Shift Workers Have More Heart Attacks and Strokes

    Forcibly changing the body’s clock to work shifts is linked to a higher risk of cardiovascular problems, including heart attack and stroke. The finding comes from a newly published meta-analysis of the data of previous studies, which...

    • Posted July 27, 2012
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  • Diet Poor in Vitamin D Linked to Stroke Risk

    Vitamin D is essential for many functions of the body, including bone health. A new study has found that it is also key for cardiovascular health. A diet deficient in vitamin D-rich foods is a risk factor...

    • Posted May 24, 2012
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  • Careful Management Makes a Big Difference for Stroke Recovery

    Careful care of patients after a stroke can strongly impact recovery, a new report has found. Meticulous management of a number of relatively simple factors, such as body position, are linked to a significant improvement in outcome....

    • Posted May 16, 2012
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  • Untreated Depression Common After Stroke

    Depression that goes unrecognized and untreated by health care providers is a significant problem after stroke, a new study reports. Over 5 million people are living with the effects of a stroke, and the findings suggest that...

    • Posted April 2, 2012
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  • Drug That May Protect Brain After a Stroke Ready for Clinical Trials

    In a major breakthrough in stroke research, scientists have generated a drug that could protect patients from brain damage. When tested in monkeys, the drug blocks certain reactions that occur in brain cells deprived of blood and...

    • Posted March 1, 2012
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