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    Good News for an Aging Population

    Preventable but deadly, stroke is the fourth leading cause of mortality in the United States, with approximately 795,000 strokes occurring each year. However, a new analysis of data from 1988-2008 has revealed a 40% decrease in the incidence...

    • Posted July 24, 2014
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    Older Migraine Sufferers May Have More Silent Brain Injury

    Research published in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke suggests older migraine sufferers may be more likely to have silent brain injury. Ischemic silent brain infarctions are symptomless brain injuries and are a risk factor for future strokes. In a...

    • Posted May 21, 2014
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    Excessive High-Intensity Exercise Risks Heart Health

    More is not always better when it comes to your exercise routine. Overdosing on high intensity exercise may actually increase the risk of death from a heart attack or stroke in those with existing heart disease, suggests...

    • Posted May 19, 2014
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    American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Release Tips for Preventing Subsequent Strokes

    A newly released statement from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association recommends that stroke survivors control their blood pressure, cholesterol and weight and do moderate physical activity regularly to avoid having another stroke. They should also receive other...

    • Posted May 6, 2014
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    Developing Better Drugs for Heart Attacks and Strokes

    Two “snapshots” of a receptor which are of critical importance for blood coagulation may lead to tailor-made blood-thinning substances for heart attack and stroke patients whose effects are reversible and better controllable than those of current therapies....

    • Posted May 1, 2014
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  • Activities in Home and Garden Reduce Heart Attack and Stroke Risk in Seniors

    Moderate activity in and around the home in the form of DIY and gardening can improve health and extend life in seniors, according to a new study. The study underlines that getting active can involve routine activities,...

    • Posted October 29, 2013
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  • Stroke Patients Quickly Given Clot-Busting Drugs Have Better Outcomes

    Quick delivery of drugs to break down blood clots is key to improved outcomes, a new study suggests. Researchers following thousands of stroke patients have found that immediate treatment is linked to better long-term recovery, and the...

    • Posted June 21, 2013
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  • Coordinating Stroke Care in a Region Reduces Mortality

    Organizing stroke care across a health region can lead to significant improvements for patients, a new study has found. After implementing a coordinated care system, the number of deaths from stroke has decreased, and patients have improved...

    • Posted May 27, 2013
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  • Strokes Affecting Younger and Younger People

    The age at which people tend to suffer their first stroke is decreasing, according to a recent study. Researchers suspect that an increase in metabolic diseases such as obesity are linked to the trend. New research reveals...

    • Posted October 16, 2012
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  • Smoking After Stroke Strongly Increases Risk of Death

    Smoking is known to increase the risk of a stroke, and a new study shows it also significantly increases the risk of death after stroke. Researchers have found that patients that smoke after suffering a stroke have...

    • Posted August 31, 2012
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